Peer-Reviewed Publications

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PDFs of any of the above publications are available upon request.

Manuscripts Under Review and In Preparation

Rosenzweig, E. Q., Wigfield, A., & Hulleman, C. S., (under revision). More useful, or not so bad? Examining the effects of interventions designed to reduce cost and increase utility value in college physics. 

Priniski, S. J., Rosenzweig, E. Q., Canning, E. A., Hecht, C. A. Tibbetts, Y., Hyde, J. S., & Harackiewicz, J. M. (under revision). The benefits of combining value for the self and others in utility-value interventions.

Rosenzweig, E. Q., Harackiewicz, J. M., Hecht, C. A., Priniski, S. J., & Asher, M. A. (in preparation). Pushed out or pulled away: Analyzing undergraduate students’ positive and negative reasons for leaving biomedical majors.

Rosenzweig, E. Q., & Wigfield, A. (in preparation). Expectancy-value theory based interventions: Where do we go from here?

Jiang, Y., & Rosenzweig, E. Q. (in preparation). The role of cost in predicting adolescent students’ academic-related choices, avoidance intentions, and achievement in math and English.